Upcoming Auctions

Upcoming Auctions

H & M Experience

H&M Experience

We invite you to come along and explore the Hudson and Marshall experience. You will learn about us, our fifty years of rich history, and the methods that have molded us into one of our country’s leading auction firms.

Services and Capabilities

Services & Capabilities

Hudson and Marshall utilizes our unmatched experience with many new technological advancements. This combination offers you a smooth experience and maximizes your return.

For Buyers and Sellers

For Buyers and Sellers

You may be experienced or new to auctions. You may be a buyer or a seller. No matter your background, this link will provide you with valuable information.

Auction Archives

Auction Archives

Our auction archives offer you a glimpse into many of the auctions Hudson and Marshall has successfully managed in the past.

online auctions

Online Auctions

As technology has advanced so have many opportunities for buyers and sellers. We invite you to explore the above link and experience Hudson and Marshall Live and Online. Check individual auction listing for availability.

national foreclosures

National Foreclosures

You can search online with confidence and ease to view a listing of national foreclosures that are being professionally managed by Hudson and Marshall. For more information please call 1-800-441-9401.


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