LIVE AUCTION - MUST BE PRESENT TO BID! - AUGUST 16TH - Selling 34 Tax Foreclosure Properties on Behalf of The City of Dallas (Texas)

Hudson and Marshall is pleased to offer 34 properties on behalf of The City of Dallas via a live public outcry auction.  You must be present to bid on the properties.  Please inspect these properties and thoroughly review all the terms and conditions.  The sale will be held at the Hall of State Building @ Fair Park (Gate 5), 3939 Grand Avenue, Dallas TX  75210 and you must attend the auction in order to purchase these properties. 


  • Obtain “Written Statement Regarding Delinquent Taxes” (See Pre-Auction Registration in Terms)
  • Research possible outstanding fees, zoning, easements, etc
  • Read Terms & Conditions
  • Registration begins at 9:00 A.M.
  • There is a minimum bid price on each property.  See individual listings.
  • Payment in full by 3:00 P.M. the day of the auction.
  • There is a 5% Buyer’s Premium on each property.
  • Quit Claim Deed will be mailed in 4 to 6 weeks.


If you have any interest in bidding on any of these properties, following are a few sources of information that may be helpful in your investigation and research:

1. Dallas Central Appraisal District – (214) 631-0910 Gives details of property by Owner, Account or Address under “Search Appraisals”.

2. Dallas County:
    a. Dallas County Clerk, ROAM Official Public Records Search – (214) 653-7099
    b. Dallas County Tax Office – (214) 653-7811 (To access property tax information - taxes due and post judgment taxes)

3.   Properties May or May Not have Post Judgement Taxes.  Please visit the website linked below.

Link To Dallas County Tax Assesor's Office

Information regarding the tax case files which contain documents associated with the foreclosure of a property, i.e., the Judgment, Order of Sale, Citations, etc., can be found in the District Clerk’s Office, Records Department at the George L. Allen Sr. Courthouse, located at 600 Commerce Street, Dallas, Texas, 75202 (Telephone No. 214-653-6011). Advance notification may be required and fees may be charged to view or purchase documentation.

SALE SITE: The live auction will be held Wednesday, August 16, 2023 @ 10:00 A.M. at the Hall of State Building @ Fair Park (Gate 3), 3939 Grand Avenue, Dallas, TX  75210.

PRE-AUCTION REGISTRATION:  A “Written Statement Regarding Delinquent Taxes” is required to register to bid.  You must personally appear at the Dallas County Tax Office located at 500 Elm Street, Ste 1200 to obtain this form.  It must be dated no more than 60 days from the date of Tax Foreclosure Auction.  The name on this form will also be the name you MUST register at the auction under and it will be the name that appears on your quit claim deed.  The purpose of this form is to verify you or your entity, as a potential bidder, does not have any outstanding or delinquent property taxes.(Fees apply.) YOU MUST HAVE THIS FORM TO BID AT THE AUCTION!

AUCTION DAY REGISTRATION: Auction registration begins at 9:00 A.M.  In order to receive a bidder card you must present the original Written Statement Regarding Delinquent Taxes as detailed in the above paragraph.  You will be required to complete a “No Conflict of Interest Statement” and “Form 1295 - Notice to Bidder Form” at the auction.  You can view these forms at  If you have any questions please call 800-841-9400.

PLEASE NOTE: The name or entity that you use on your “Written Statement Regarding Delinquent Taxes” form will be used by the City of Dallas to issue your Quit Claim Deed. If you are buying property in an entity other than your individual name,  such as,a LLC, LLLC, LLP, Corporation etc. the entity must be properly registered with the State you are authorized to do business in and must be in good standing as an active and compliant legal entity. The seller will verify all entities and those not properly registered will be rejected.

BUYER’S PREMIUM FEE: A buyer’s premium fee of 5% (five percent) will be added to the high bid amount, and due on auction day.

PAYMENT REQUIREMENTS: The winning bidder must remit a cashier’s check or money order payable to the City of Dallas for the bid price, including the $50.00 deed processing recording fee, plus a separate cashier’s check or money order payable to Hudson & Marshall for the 5% Buyer’s Premium to Hudson & Marshall Before 3:00 P.M. the day of the auction. No extensions will be granted.



1)  The land and any improvements described shall be herein referred to as the "Property".  

2)  The term ‘Bidder’ shall include the individuals or entities submitting bid(s), their spouses, and any individual, their spouse or entity with a shared controlling interest.

3)  The Bidder understands and agrees that the City of Dallas acquired the Property by a tax foreclosure sale. The Property is purchased "AS IS, WHERE IS, AND WITH ALL FAULTS.”

4) It is my responsibility to check for outstanding or pending code enforcement actions, including, but not limited to repair or demolition orders.

5)  It is my responsibility to examine all applicable building codes and zoning ordinances to determine if the Property can be used for the purposes desired.

6)  The quitclaim of the Property to the maximum extent allowed by law is made on an "AS IS, WHERE IS, AND WITH ALL FAULTS” basis and is subject to all visible and apparent taxes, penalties, interests, easements, and any other instruments that are of public record.

7)  The Bidder represents they have read and fully understand sections 33.52 and 34.01 of the Texas Property Tax Code in its entirety, including all other applicable sections of the Texas Property Tax Code that relate to this transaction. The Bidder further understands and agrees to pay the post judgment taxes and the pro-rata (current year) Property taxes from the date of closing through all future years so long as said Bidder owns the Property. Post judgment taxes are taxes, penalties and interest that accrue after a judgment has been issued by a court up to the date Sheriff’s Deed is recorded.

8)  The Bidder understands and agrees that the City of Dallas acquired the Property by a tax foreclosure sale and said Bidder is familiar with the legal issues involved in such transactions and sale, including the subsequent resale to bidder(s) and/or purchaser(s), and the risks and limitations of such sales. Said Bidder represents that they are equally knowledgeable as the City of Dallas in these matters and transactions.

9)  The Bidder agrees to accept a Quitclaim Deed to the Property. Said Bidder understands that there are no warranties or guaranties associated with a Quitclaim Deed and that such deed conveys only whatever interest the City of Dallas acquired in the Property, if any. The Bidder understands and agrees that the Quitclaim Deed is subject to the prior owner’s right of redemption, if any.  A sample copy of the Quitclaim Deed is attached.

10)  The Bidder further understands and agrees that the City of Dallas shall have no responsibility or liability arising from the accuracy of any matter, fact, or thing relating to said Property. Further, the City of Dallas is not obligated and will not provide or pay for a survey, plat, any environmental review, study, or other related reviews, or documents. However, the Bidder may do so at their sole cost and expense.

11)  There will not be any requests accepted for extension of payment, no exceptions. The City of Dallas reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

12)  I/we understand that the City of Dallas will not provide a title policy for the Property.  

13)  The City of Dallas is not responsible for any misrepresentations, failure of disclosures, errors, or any negligent or wrongful acts occurring in the context of or pertaining to the closing of this transaction. The City of Dallas, its officers, agents, and employees are released from any and all claims and cause of actions in conjunction with the bidding, terms, conditions, tax foreclosure, and sale of the Property.

14)  To the maximum extent allowed by law, the City of Dallas expressly disclaims, and I expressly waive any warranty or representation, express or implied, including without limitation any warranty of condition, habitability, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.  

15)  Upon my death or mental incapacity, the Proposal submitted shall become null, void and unenforceable, and the City of Dallas shall have no further obligation to me, my estate or my guardian.  On behalf of me, my heirs or my estate, I hereby waive any rights I may have to an award or conveyance of the Property in the event of my death or mental incapacity.

16)  Bidder represents and states that they are not purchasing this property on behalf of the immediate and previous owner.  Bidder represents that for any and all properties located within the City of Dallas that are owned by Bidder, including the individuals or entities submitting the proposal to purchase the property, their spouses and any individual, their spouse or entity with a shared controlling interest, that there are:

1) no outstanding City of Dallas judgments;
2) no tax delinquencies;
3) no unpaid liens or outstanding, open City Code violations;
4) no defaults on Municipal Court or District Court orders;
5) no assessments or fees owed to the City of Dallas;
6) no more than 1 citation per property within the last six (6) months for City Code violations;
7) no more than 2 citations per property within the last twelve (12) months for City Code violations;
8) no more than 1 mow/clean, securing or demolition lien on each property within the last twelve (12) months.

City Code violations are defined herein as high weeds, litter, illegal storage, junk motor vehicle violations, securing and zoning or structure violations; excluding parking on unimproved surfaces, bulky trash (put out too early for pickup) and signs. A citation that has been dismissed or the defendant found not guilty shall not be included in the determination of the number of citations issued.

17)   I hereby waive and release any rights I may have, either now or in the future, to undertake any legal or equitable action against the City of Dallas, itself and/or as Trustee, for any failure of the City of Dallas to properly advertise or notice the sale of the Property, or to properly conduct the sale of this Property, and hereby covenants not to sue the City of Dallas, itself and/or as Trustee, in connection with the advertisement, notice of the sale, or the sale of this Property.

Texas Licensing Information B. G. Hudson, Jr 6012; Robert Stephens Slocumb, Jr, Auctioneer 17129; Brad Pace, Broker 550615; Auctioneer 17359.  Auctioneers are licensed and regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation.  Licensure with the Department does not imply approval or endorsement by the State of Texas.  If you have an unresolved complaint or a compliment, please direct to the Texas Dept. of Licensing & Regulation, P. O. Box 12157, Austin, TX  78711.  512.463.6599 or 800.803.9202.